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a.m. here in the triangle, below freezing temperatures are the big story of the night? we have team coverage on what local agencies and law enforcement officers are doing to keep people safe. let's first go to chief meteorologist greg fishel in the wral weather center, what is the latest? >> we have teens out there, believe it or not. on a pace that is equal if not surpassing the cases that we saw last night. as you can see here, 19, 24 in kerry, 21 here at the tv station, 24 at american tobacco and durham and wake forest down and buckhorn. if we broden the view a little bit we see 20 degree readings out at the airport, southern pines sitting at 19. we are still fairly clear. we are going to continue to see additional cooling before the clouds race in here late tonight and so we are sticking with the projections of middle and upper teens here across the area before the clouds come in and the temperatures creep up a little bit towards morning.
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do the clouds do later in the day? they may produce snow flurry activity. the big system we are watching is still a couple days away. we will have more on that coming up if a few minutes, back to you. >> all right, thank you. below freezing temperatures are not only comfortable but dangerous. that is why the sheriff's office is on the lookout for those in need of assistance tonight. wral is joined from the sheriff's office, candice? >> reporter: throughout the night the deputies will drive around. they are going to focus specifically on highways and rural areas throughout the county. they are ready to assist anyone who may be in need of resources and able to stay warm tonight. they are going to respond to well fare checks. they are doing that and looking for people in rural areas who may be stranded in their vehicles. those who are outside and simply need a place to get inside and get warm. so, the deputies will not only
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direction, make calls if need be to get folks the right resources they need but they are prepared to transport people to safe areas if needed. >> years ago we had a situation in the county where handicap person was found deceased had in a vehicle. that really stuck with me over the years. >> oh, yeah. >> he tells me he does not want to have anything that extreme happen this year. and, as they are checking the cars that are out in these unoccupied these deputies have been instructed to place a piece of yellow tape outside of the car to let other law enforcement agencies know and even drivers know that car has he says, though, it is everyone's responsibility to community and coming up at
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deputies as he made welfare checks throughout the night. >> you have to look out for each other, all right, thank you. state leaders are keeping a close eye on the weather, not only the close temperatures but the possibility for snow and ice in the days ahead. we have more continuing our coverage with that part of the story, adam? >> reporter: i can tell you firsthand we have one of the major ingredients for snow locked up. that is the cold we are experiencing, we are experiencing it out here right now. this cold in some ways prepped the ground to sustain snow that we may get. the state-dot has been on the job as well. i will step out of the way you and will see a live shot of some of the trucks and the tools they use to do their job. we have been told the workers started pretreating the roads today. the focus at first is on bridges and and overpasses, they are the problem areas, first. dot-workers will be back at it tomorrow as well. we talked to the governor
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the things he is concerned about. >> we will be looking and following closely what we will need to do with the storm preparation as it relates to roads as it relates to the guard possibly as it relates to housing and other shelter needs. >> as candace was talking about earlier the governor says it is important that the citizens check on one another and make sure everyone is warm and safe. back to you. >> we can not, of course, forget about our pets, they need shelter, too. if it starts snowing in your neighborhood we would like to see it. take pictures and video and share it with us. upload them and e-mail them to us in the reported section on new information about a murder-suicide investigation we are following. the couple involved are don and kathleen tipkin. that is according to the medical examiner's office. the police found the couple if their home on sunday night. both had been shot. don was dead, his wife died yesterday. neighbors say the two had health issues and stayed in of
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officers have not released the circumstances of the shooting. >> we are learning more about a robbery in kerry that sent a person to the hospital. the police say they are looking for 4 suspects in con connection to the crime. all of the suspects were armed and wearing dark clothing. the victim's injuries are serious but not life- threatening. they have not released the victim's name. a reward is offered for information over a string of robberies. the owners of businesses like nail salons and restaurants have been robbed and assaulted in home invasions, the suspects are men with guns that usually wear masks. anyone with information should call the police. a fernace malfunction causing a fire. the fire broke out at a home after 5:00 tonight. most of the damage was confined to the back of the home. no one was hurt.
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county schools is higher than anticipated. voting to reallocate money. they are $7 million over their budget. duke university leaders say they are cooperating with a federal investigation. the u.s. department of education responded to a complaint about duke's handling of sexual assault. no charges were ever filed. duke spokes man says the university remains committed to a safe and inclusive environment for all students. the director of the fbi plans to retire this year. they made the announcement on a conference call this afternoon. he will retire april 1st to spend more time with his family. he led the fbi since august of 2014. he is the first director appointed by the governor and confirmed by the legislature. in a statement, the governor said they are fortunate to have benefited from his experience. he called in the dedicated and
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>> the state board of elections met today and ordered two new elections, voters will elect the mayor representatives march 15th. they found irregularities that could of effected the outcome of the election. there were accusations of vote buying and complaints of problems with ballots. wral was proud to take calls on health care help today. january 31st is the last day to get health insurance and avoid paying the penalty. launching a year-long event to reach communities around the world. the raleigh sister city
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this is the city's effort to connect globally by tpofting business, cultural and civic experience its through city. it is being called a key endorsement for donald trump.
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to give sup port for the next president donald j. trump. soldiers are heading to the middle east.
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uline a even though nc state lost on saturday they may of found something. the wolf pack comes out at pittsburgh and plays an incredible first half. cody martin the steal. the alley-oop. now, martin playing an active roll, getting the start tonight. he will have a nice start for the finish. they come ready to target
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there they are. 14 points for rolin. now, 44-19 at the half. half. cross it. back up, knock it down. 7 rebounds. abu this is how you follow a missed foul shot. throw it in big fella. now, 7 double doubles in the last 9 games. that say grown man and 15 effort. look at the top 6 in the acc led by north carolina, virginia tech is 2nd, and then louie willville, clemson loses so they fall 5-2 -- louisville, clemson loses so hay fall 5-2. what a season it was for joe gibbs racing. combining to win 59 races last season including the driving championship. man seon the nascar circuit with a -- manny is on the nascar circuit.
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risk heading into the 2015 nascar season. changing personnel and adding carl edwards to his already talented roster. >> you bring in carl and you have 3 other guys that are very, very competitive and top of their game how is it going to work some. >> reporter: it turned out to work pretty well. edwards and the new look joe gibbs racing won 14 races after winning 4 the season before. all 4 of the joe gibbs drivers made the chase including kyle busch who drove this car to victory lane to win the championship. >> when you get stuck in a lull you don't get anywhere. hard to get out of that. you bring in new people, fresh ideas and make changes and you pick which direction you want to go and some people may not all agree on the direction but the direction we went last year was good for us as a whole. >> now, after years of hendrick motorsports dominance, joe
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>> hendrick accomplished a lot and you can never, ever take that away especially with all of the championships, as far as like a 4-driver talent, 3 teammates that i have, i would compare notes with over anyone in the garage. they are that good. this place is far better than i even thought it was. the team work is amazing. the communication is spectacular. >> reporter: that led to tramendous success. they are hoping to carry it in -- tremendous success. they are hoping to carry it into next season. >> success makes it easy on the body. he looks good. a pair of icons are going on tour this summer. we will share the name it is going by and where it is kicking off.
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the disney products you need to watch out for. michigan governor publicly apologized for a disaster if in
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hear what he had to tonight in his state of the state address the governor rick
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the city. >> t h e apology did not stop protesters. >> reporter: michigan governor rick snyder apologized to flint residents about their poisoned water. >> i am sorry. and i will fix it. >> reporter: snyder said he will release all of the e-mails to the public on wednesday. >> you deserve accountability. >> reporter: his water trouble started in april 2014. when the city left the detroit water system and drew water from the flint river to save money. despite assurances it was safe, residents complained about the water's smell, taste and appearance. if in september 2015, a group of doctors found dangerous high levels of led in flint children's blood. the city switched back to detroit water in october. but the flint pediatrician that first sounded the alarmed the damage is irreversible somewhat there is no safe level of led in a child, none. >> reporter: the governor is asking law enforcements for $30 million to replace plumbing in
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the state will pay for medical and behavial treatment for affected children. deploy additional national guard troops to distribute bottled water and filters to every resident. concerned parents were anxious to hear the governor's plan. >> something needs to be done. you poisoned a whole community full of kids. you really turned up future. >> reporter: river water ruined their water pipes, even today, led parts flow through the taps. >> earlier today residents filed at least two class action lawsuits against the governor over the state's handling of the situation. isis acknowed the death of mass militant known as jihadi john. had he has been seen in many videos. he is a british citizen, they say they are reasonablely
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drone strike in seer -- reasonably certain he was kill if in a drone strike in syria. the supreme court is expected on rule in june on president barack obama's executive actions on immigration. the program allows roughly 4.3 million undocumented immigrants to work legally in the u.s. 26 states lead by texas filed lawsuits saying the president exceeded had his authority and cited more funding to care for the immigrants. so far federal courts cited with the state. new tonight, a deadly accident forced ben carson to temporarily suspend a staffer. 25-year-old joplin was killed. he was a student for carson volunteer. two others were treated for
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fly to omaha to be with his family. the key entkorsment for donald en-- key endorsement for trump, he got sara palin's support. dropping fight to be sent home from texas to mexico, coh d s mother fled to mexico at the time they were looking into if the 18-year-old violated his probation stemmed from a drunk and driving crash. the two were caught last month in mexico and couch's mother was quickly deported. the 18-year-old won a delay. the michigan man who made national news when his 12-year- old son was reported missing for 11 days pleading guilty to misdemeanor child abuse. a judge sentenced charlie bothuell to 18 months of probation, he is required to
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the authorities say the boy endured physical and psychological abuse. the judge ordered him to have no contact with his son. if you have been to a disney park in the last year we have a recall. walt disney parks are recalling these bodysuits and disneyland 60th bodysuits with the artwork of goofy, donald duck and goofy on the front. snaps can come off causing a choking hazard. they were sold at the parks and on some cruiseships -- disney cruiseships. the world's oldest man passed away at 112 years old. suffering from chronic problems, he always said his secret to long life was not to smoke, drink or over do anything. world's oldest man will remain
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the world's oldest person is 116-year-old suzzana. coming up, who should be
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the cdc released jamie foxx can add hero to his list. he and friends heard someone screaming and they raced to find out what was going on and the driver was in a car that was on fire. the driver was taken to the hospital with burns but should be okay. caitlyn jenner announced a deal on a published memoir. jener will work on the book. it is scheduled for release if in 2017. a pair of iconic lock rockers are hitting the road.
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19 stops on the rock, paper, scissors tour. i wonder what the story was. >> i always go with paper. i don't know why. rock is so solid and, you know, defenseless, until you cover it with paper. >> something that little. yes. anding fromile. >> yes. -- something so little and fragile. the only thing worse than overloading your machine with cloths is putting egg brick in it and putting it on a trampoline. >> are they trying to get rid of it had? >> you would think. [ laughter ] >> oh! >> that is what it does? >> yes. stays on the trampoline, look at that. >> that is just bizarre. >> the brick will be clean but the washing machine destroyed.
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now going viral with over a million views. people are getting their money's worth out of this one. >> i guess so. yes. >> okay. i tried not to say anything. you see it and i see it as a parent, kids, they have a way with words, they say what is on their mind and not afraid to be honest. >> listen to this. [crying] >> >> did you not nap today? >> i did! [crying] . >> what is wrong? >> that doesn't look good. >> what? >> your sweater. >> this is children just telling it how it is. >> this video has been viewed more than 740,000 times. kids. good thing we did not have
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>> my gosh, i love the innocence of kids. i can watch it over and over and over. too cute. >> i will post these on my facebook page and you can watch it over and over and over. [ laughter ] >> i will do that. >> thank you. now, cold temperatures along with snow and ice are all cause for concern right here in the triangle. western north carolina it is cause for celebration. we will head to the mountains where the winter weather is welcome. and we will talk with someone else who loves the snow. our chief meteorologist. >> got to get some here, first. looks like we may see a few flakes in our sky or air if you will tomorrow afternoon. but, the bigger chance may be coming later in the week. there is still plenty that can
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we will talk about pregnant woman may be screened for a virus. it is spread by a mosquito. babies born with small heads are prevalent. candidates are for people who travel where it is prevalent. it is spreading in the cribbian. the world is flooded with plastic garbage. that is the latest. expeters predict there will be more plastic than fish -- experts pretkeubgt there will be more plastic than fish in
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it will increase 3 times to 1.1 million tons of plastic. the only way to avoid a disaster is to improve recycling and give people incentives to recycle. >> now, snow and ice-covered roads, they took it slow through the morning commute. the crews are working to clear the main roadways. >> boy. >> now, bitterly cold temperatures, now, going through the north carolina mountains. just in morning the temperatures dipped to 4 degrees below 0. now, the frigid weather kept a couple of inches of snow that fell over the weekend on the ground. for the mountains there could be more. it is explained western north carolina residents are saying it is not bad. >> reporter: bitter cold has its grip on the frank income mountains.
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they had had snow up here. 2 inches over the weekend. now, folks up here want more. >> be grateful when we get it. >> reporter: the record on 2010. this year's total, kind of >> we heard about that. >> reporter: they definitely have the cold temperatures. negative 4 this morning. >> and forecasters say more than a couple inches of the way, too. >> going to feel more normal. >> everyone says they are ready for road crews to homeowners. >> while it may cause issues, it is the type of issues they expected to see in november. or at least in december. it is about time they tell me. >> it looks cold for sure somewhat we had the snowfall beg hind us. we have that happening. that could be the case here coming up, 72 hours or so from
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>> yes. 72 hours from now. yes, it is possible. some in the viewing area. but, you know, i was just there, talking about it back in december. so warm. this is why you need to root on snow. it is like you are supporting your lockal economy. your local economy. yes. you don't want the ski resort owners to go up there. >> yes, they depend on it. >> yes. they do. >> yes. exactly. >> yes. someone might argue i don't live in the mountains. [ laughter ] >> yes. that is true. >> yes. [ laughter ] [everyone talking at once] >> any way. it is -- it is cold out there. no question about it. we probably will cool off a few more degrees before the cloud comes in and arrest that downwarding motion. let's go ahead and check out the temperatures around the area. we have praepb. 19. a cold night. the numbers are like what we saw last might at this time.
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showing up at southern pines and stanford. everyone else 20. goldsboro is the quote unquote warm side. here is the view. now, there will be snowflakes in the air during the course of the afternoon. we are twoing it to see the clouds moving in here heading towards late tonight and first thing in the morning but generally we do not get measurable snow often with the southwesterly wind at the surface. just not a great pattern for that to happen here. the air is extremely dry right now. so, precipitation is going to have to fall through that dry air and moisten it up. >> not looking it per it to be a big deal. the system behind it, though, looks like a big deal for somebodiment i suspect that the area that is really going to get the clock cleaned out of this thing will be north of here. somewhere in the delaware,
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virginia, that region up there. that does not mean we will get off scot-free with this. let's go ahead and take a look at one of the issues. it has to do with where the system in the upper atmosphere goes. what you are looking at here is the upper level winds going along the red lines and the white lines and the lines of equal pressure. at the surface of the earth. so, heading through that. getting a wave in the upper atmosphere. not a big one. the pore important ones on friday. here is the area of low pressure developing. now, this is interesting what happens here. this one approaches the mountains. it is east of the mountains, the low can not plow into that. it sits here weakens and a new low forms here. and that will become the primary system. now, if the super level low retreats like this. the precipitation will simply shut off on friday night and that will be it.
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chance moisture will wraparound the backside and precipitation will continue into side hafplt is the big question mark right now. all right, fair overnight. clouds towards morning, 16. tomorrow, mostly cloudy, afternoon flurries and 36. quiet on thursday. and then mixed precipitation. changing to rain on friday. and then perhaps back on snow on friday night and saturday. that is a big if right now. that will go a long way into determining what your backyard looks like on saturday. >> can't wait to find out. >> yes. >> that is great. >> yes. >> the panthers move chosetory
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